altLINE Banking Increases Conversions by 108% with CallRail

The Southern Bank Company has been operating community branches in northern Alabama for more than 80 years. They serve hundreds of businesses with a combination of traditional banking services as well as their speciality commercial lending division, altLINE.


In the highly competitive field of specialty finance, being able to track potential customers as leads is extremely valuable. Once these leads become new customers, their interaction is not just limited to one single transaction – but an ongoing relationship, meaning altLINE needed a way to track multiple interactions that took place over the phone before and after a lead become a customer.

They knew they needed to see which landing pages were driving calls, but they also wanted more granular attribution that would allow them to effectively calculate cost-per-acquisition (CAC) for each individual marketing channel. Since altLINE uses Google Analytics to track online activity, they wanted a way to create a blended dashboard that would show web conversions alongside conversions that took place over the phone.


After speaking to their agency, altLINE realized that CallRail would allow them to track their CAC by channel, view all of their call and web data in one place, and optimize their marketing campaigns based on what was really driving calls.

Our digital marketing agency highly recommended CallRail as a comprehensive solution with easy integration for us. We are a lean operation so the ability to have such a simple and effective solution was key,” said Connor Cranford, Marketing Director of the altLINE division of The Southern Bank Company.

They use CallRail predominantly for sales, taking advantage of being able to view call data alongside the organic and paid traffic data they track from Google. They also use phone management features like whisper messages that have been helpful for letting their sales team know which landing page drove a call so they can immediately tailor their message.

“Prior to CallRail, we didn’t even know the opportunities we were missing. Now, we can immediately call back with the relevant information” said Jim Pendergast, VP Sales and Marketing. “We also utilize the note taking feature to jot down key points.”

Before CallRail, altLINE had their main line listed on their landing pages. Now that they use call tracking, they can route calls to the right salesperson, all while being able to view granular data like which Google Ads (formerly AdWords) keywords drove the call.


For senior management at altLINE, CallRail gives them the confidence to make marketing spend decisions based on what campaigns are actually helping them grow their business.

“The ability to closely and easily track our ROI for online marketing spend has been eye-opening and serves as validation for where we choose to place the dollars we’re spending.” said Gates Little, President of The Southern Bank Company.

Since implementing CallRail’s services, altLINE has seen results in almost every area of their business. They’ve optimized their landing page content and campaigns, and have seen an online conversion increase of 108%. Not only that, but now that they are able to view CAC by channel, they’ve lowered their acquisition cost by 39% and increased their overall count of online customers by 67% – a stat Cranford is grateful for.

“Without CallRail, it would be harder to justify spending more on ad dollars. With CallRail and its advanced tracking, we are able to spend more ad dollars on the campaigns we know are performing best.”

To learn more about how to track calls and how this can improve your business, request your free CallRail demo.