Grow your agency with CallRail’s Agency Partner Program


In the past year, over 1,200 digital marketing agencies across the US, Canada, UK and Australia have enrolled in our Agency Partner Program. Working with nearly 13,000 small businesses served by our agency partners, we not only help agencies increase client retention, but prove which channels and campaigns drive the most leads for small businesses with limited budgets.

“CallRail is committed to not only providing our agency partners with complete visibility into their digital marketing efforts, but to help their clients do the same,” said Mary Pat Donnellon, chief revenue officer at CallRail.

Our Agency Partner Program is designed to accelerate growth and increase visibility for digital marketing agencies, and to further establish them as leaders in their profession. In the last year, we have added new co-marketing opportunities, new avenues for agencies to grow their revenue, and new resources for them to offer call tracking, form tracking and conversation intelligence to prospects and clients.”

CallRail’s Agency Partner Program has benefits across the categories of co-marketing, partner enablement, product and community. As agencies bring more clients to CallRail, they will “level up” in the program’s partner tiers. Each tier grants access to additional exclusive benefits, with revenue sharing included for partners on the program’s highest tiers. Joining is easy, and membership is free.

Partnership pays off

Many of us at CallRail come from an agency background, so we know firsthand how difficult of a gig agency marketing can be. Your list of mission-critical demands from clients often feels like it will never end, leaving you with little to no time to market your own services.

For some members, the CallRail Partner Program has relieved a little of that pressure, freeing them to be more consultative with their clients.

“CallRail changes us from a website developer or a PPC shop or any other marketing agency to business consultants sitting down with a client and talking about the business metrics that matter to them,” says Conrad Saam, owner of Mockingbird.

Lauren Etter, VP of client services at LSM Digital Marketing, says her team appreciates the enhanced support. “I love being a part of the partner platform. We’ve really found it helpful to have a resource to reach out to when we come into issues.” According to Nick Paul, Director of Digital Advertising at Nifty Marketing, the program has allowed him to be more selective with prospects. “We’re so indoctrinated with CallRail, we’ve actually turned some clients away... purely because the relationship is best when we can prove the value of what we are doing.”

Market your agency with CallRail’s Agency Partner Program

When adopting new marketing technology at your agency, it’s only natural to want to stretch beyond simply boosting your efficiency and marketing prowess — you also want to learn how to use that software or service to earn new business. Sure, it’s nice to tell existing clients that you use industry-leading tools to drive new leads to their business. But what about your own prospects? How can you use CallRail to gain new business of your own?

Joining our Agency Partner Program is one way.

Here are some of the ways our Agency Partner Program can help you market your own services (Note: The benefits listed below have varying eligibility standards, depending on an Agency Partner’s tier status in the program):

  1. Exclusive CallRail certifications: Become a CallRail power user and stand out from the competition
  2. Partner badge for your website: Invoke confidence in prospects that you’re using the right tools
  3. Guest post and backlink on the CallRail’s blog: Gain access to our large, growing blog audience, improving your visibility (and SEO), like these from Titan PPC and Logical Position.
  4. Social amplification: Get shout-outs from CallRail on social media, putting your agency in front of our followers
  5. Listing in the CallRail Agency Directory: Be found in our Agency Directory when hot leads are shopping for a digital marketing agency
  6. Premium co-marketing campaigns: Host a webinar, or write a white paper or e-book with us to capture more leads

Sell call tracking more efficiently after joining CallRail’s Agency Partner Program

You may know how important call tracking is, but clients may not share your perspective (yet). It’s still a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to proving the effectiveness of your marketing agency, and our agency partner program can help you with convincing reluctant clients to board the bullet-speed attribution train.

Here are some of the ways our Agency Partner Program can help you get even better at selling call tracking to your clients (Note: the benefits listed below have varying eligibility standards, dependent on an Agency Partner’s tier status in the program):

  1. Sales enablement resource center: Access to sales collateral that will help your account managers to sell CallRail
  2. Training for joint account planning: Instruction for your internal team from our Agency Partner advisors
  3. Dedicated Customer Success Manager: Get assistance from a dedicated CallRail expert who will help you grow your agency
  4. Revenue-sharing: When you reach the Gold tier of the Agency Partner Program, you’ll be eligible to earn a percentage of the business you’re bringing to CallRail
  5. Publish joint sales resources: Our Sales Team will help you customize collateral for your upcoming client pitch
  6. Customized sales enablement and training opportunities: Our partner advisors will offer your team insider info on how to pitch call tracking to your clients

Grow your business with CallRail’s Agency Partner Program

The discipline of digital marketing is changing fast. There’s a lot to keep up with, and way too much noise to cut through. ‘Best practices’ lists pollute our LinkedIn feeds daily, and it’s tough to get further than ankle-deep in any one methodology before the next one comes along, all flashy and over-promising.

But we’re confident that data-driven marketing is here to stay: It’s a tried and true approach, and it won’t be crowded out by the next hand-waving ‘thought leader’ with a tool to peddle. (Or worse, an A/B experiment to run.) When the results you’re getting trace back to the bottom line — and when you know the difference between actionable analytics and vanity metrics — your clients will stick around.

Here are some of the ways our Agency Partner Program can help you collaborate with other marketers and grow your business (Note: The benefits listed below have varying eligibility standards, dependent on an Agency Partner’s tier status in the program):

  1. Be the star of a CallRail case study: Have a great CallRail success story to share? Show it off to your prospects by publishing a case study with us, like these from Neon Ambition, Think Profits and Mockingbird.
  2. VIP invitation to CallRail’s Agency Summit: Join us at regional CallRail Agency Summits to grow your data-driven marketing expertise
  3. CallRail beta access: Be among the first to pilot new features and integrations

We designed the CallRail Agency Partner Program with the help of our top agency users, and we’re going to maintain this collaborative approach as we fine-tune the program in the months and years to come. Because at CallRail, we want our agency users to know that we’re more than just another marketing technology service — we’re your partners.