Fannit uses Call Tracking to Find $450,000 in Missing Revenue for Mercedes-Benz of Seattle


Tony Lael, Partner and Marketing Strategist for Fannit, an inbound marketing agency, admitted that before working with CallRail, Fannit’s visibility into a client’s inbound calls was relatively limited.

“It was pretty rudimentary,” he explained. “We relied on the client to tell us information on their inbound sales. We would try to have that conversation often, but clients were not that forthcoming. Later, we found out these same clients were not tracking calls.” “Our visibility was limited to metrics we could measure: ‘Are we driving web traffic and are people filling out forms?’ Forms provided valuable information in some cases, but in others you need to know who is picking up the phone to call a business. and what the result is of that conversation.”

They implemented a call tracking solution, but the fidelity of the phone calls that Fannit had been tracking for their clients were extremely low. Many of the calls that had been placed were not effectively tracked, or the calls were attributed to incorrect sources.


Fannit decided to use CallRail to deploy unique, trackable numbers that are assigned to different sources of inbound leads, enabling the agency not only to understand where leads were coming from, but also whether lead generation really was the problem for their services client. They also used call recordings to monitor how leads were handled once a customer was dealing with the firm.

CallRail allowed Fannit to clear up discrepancies in call tracking and the revenue gap that had resulted from those discrepancies. They quickly saw results for their clients, including Mercedes-Benz of Seattle, a client that aimed to bring more qualified buyers to their lot.


Fannit started implementing CallRail’s call recording system into Mercedes-Benz Seattle’s client call tree, and found that 9% of calls each month were lost due to technical problems with the client’s existing phone tree.

This amounted to a total of $450,000 that Mercedes-Benz Seattle had been missing out on each month! In implementing CallRail, Fannit was able to recover this gap and help them continue along their growth as a premier Seattle-area auto dealership.

With Fannit’s joint paid-search and conversion rate optimization strategy with call tracking, they were able to get the right type of buyers routinely coming to the Mercedes-Benz of Seattle with a qualified interest in purchasing a vehicle. Because the buyers were already qualified, the sales team was able to increased closing rate to 23.6%.

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