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Listening to your feedback over the past few years, it became clear that one pricing plan does not fit all. Your clients have different needs. Why not create a custom invoicing system that makes sense for everyone?

So we did.

Customer invoicing and CallRail’s brand new Stripe integration allow you to create individual pricing plans for the companies in your account, automatically bill your companies for their monthly usage, and configure a standard rate in just a few clicks. When you’re done, kick back and watch as CallRail automatically calculates each of your clients’ invoices every month.

Customer invoicing is a premium feature available to administrators on accounts on a Pro, Elite, or custom CallRail plan. Follow these tips to create a custom pricing plan and start billing your clients directly for their usage today.

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Custom rates vs. standard rates in CallRail

Customer invoicing gives you the freedom to create a standard rate or a custom rate for your clients. While the same markup options are included with both standard and custom rates, there are a few key differences between these plans.

A Standard Rate is a singular pricing plan that applies to all of the companies within your CallRail account. The price points you configure for each CallRail feature in your standard rate are automatically applied across the board to all of your customers. Individual company invoices will vary based on their monthly usage under a standard rate.


A Custom Rate is a pricing plan you create for an individual company in your account. This rate is designed with a specific company’s CallRail usage in mind and only applies to the customer it was made for.


Create custom pricing plans for your clients

CallRail puts the power in your hands when it comes to creating customizable pricing for your customers. Rather than generic percentage increases for your markups, the customer invoicing tool allows you to enter exact dollar amounts for each of the call tracking services your agency provides.

Learn more about Customer Invoicing in this help article.

You can start creating pricing plans by navigating to the Manage Account page in CallRail, then clicking on Customer Invoicing.companies-view-callrail

You’ll see your standard rate options right at the top of the page. By default, your standard rate will be set to the same pricing plan that CallRail is currently using to bill your account each month. Click the pencil icon next to the pricing options to start editing and reconfiguring your standard rate.


Below the standard rate box, you’ll find a full list of all of the companies in your account. Use the pencil icon next to any company to access their billing preferences. Once on the billing preferences page, select “custom rate” under the payment plan section to create a new pricing plan for that company.


Best practices for your custom call tracking pricing plans

You know your customers better than anyone. Creating a reasonable pricing plan for each company in your account requires a careful understanding of how these companies are using CallRail to achieve their goals.

Customer invoicing makes it easy to sell your customers the additional value you can bring to their call tracking operations. Listening to calls in search of leads or compiling data and creating reports to get a granular look at call trends takes time and resources. Marking up local minutes or CallScribe minutes on a monthly invoice is a convenient way to cover these costs while extending an added value to your customer.

If you are using the Stripe integration to directly bill your customers, another common practice is to adjust the monthly price of CallRail to pass along the credit card fees (2.9% + 30 cents for each successful charge) you’ll incur using the platform to process payments.

Customer Invoicing from CallRail gives agencies a whole new method of managing customer usage and billing. These are some of our favorite tips, now we want to hear from you!

Join the CallRail community forum to let us know how you are using Customer Invoicing to manage the financial side of your call tracking operation.