Ever since we debuted our new keyword spotting feature a few months back, we’ve been hearing great feedback from CallRail customers on how they’re using CallScribe to save time, qualify leads, and automate their workflows. Gone are the hours of listening to countless call recordings – CallScribe with keyword spotting lets you categorize and score your phone calls in real-time, and then sync that data directly to your analytics platform.

But we’re not stopping there. I’m excited to announce several key improvements to CallRail’s keyword spotting feature that will help you hone in on your most valuable callers, so you can improve your marketing campaigns and customer’s overall experience with even more powerful data surrounding your phone calls.

Automate Lead Qualification with Call Criteria

Keyword spotting is a great tool to help you identify keywords and categorize calls for automated, detailed analyses of your conversations.Our latest updates to keyword spotting now allow you to add specific call criteria to each set of keywords you would like CallScribe search for in your call transcriptions, for an even more thorough look at the phone call leads your marketing is driving.

CallRail users are now able to assign keyword sets based on the following criteria:

  • Active Page
  • Call Direction
  • Campaign
  • Duration
  • Landing Page
  • Referring Source
  • PPC Search Keyword
  • Marketing Source

Use the addition of call criteria to see if callers from a specific page on your website mention any particular features of your product or deals you’re promoting, to understand what callers from specific marketing campaigns are asking about, or to hone in on caller intent from specific PPC keywords and marketing sources. This feature is also a great way to exclude specific calls by duration or call direction for reporting purposes.

Assign Values to Specific Keyword Sets

Not only is it important to hone in on which calls you’d like analyzed by CallScribe, but also how you report on the outcome of those calls. Previously, CallRail users could apply tags for use in filtered reporting or automatically assign a CallScore lead status for automatic lead qualification. Now we’re taking that one step further by allowing you to use keyword spotting to instantly assign a value to every phone call lead your marketing generates.

Use CallRail’s value field with keyword spotting to track the true ROI from your marketing campaigns, and better understand the leads you’re driving for your business. Set up keyword sets that are tied to product lines or promotions, and assign lead values accordingly. You’ll be able to prove not only that you’re creating qualified leads – but also generating revenue opportunities.

Get Started Today with Keyword Spotting

Ready to start automating your call reporting workflows and gain a better understanding of the types of leads you’re driving? Before you turn on keyword spotting, you’ll need to be sure and activate CallScribe. Once that feature is turned on follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings within your CallRail Account
  2. Select Keyword Spotting from the Intelligence menu
  3. Create your first keyword set by entering the keywords you’d like to look for in the box
  4. Add any call criteria you’d like to look for
  5. Add any actions you’d like to apply based on your keyword spotting results

Learn more about keyword spotting from our support documentation or send your questions to sales@callrail.com

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