8 esthetician marketing ideas to get more bookings

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You’ve been looking through esthetician marketing guides for ideas, but what you want are examples. What does a good Google Search ad look like? Where should you put a booking link on your Facebook page? Use these esthetician marketing examples to grow in a highly competitive marketing environment and get new and repeat customers to schedule appointments.

1) Ashmarie’s Skincare: Enable easy scheduling on Google My Business

Ashmarie’s Skincare


Ashmarie’s Skincare makes it easy for customers to schedule an appointment with a link right on their Google My Business (GMB) listing. In short, you’re making it easy to let the customer book. All they have to do is click “Schedule” rather than call or message.

If you’re looking to mimic Ashmarie’s success, creating a booking link is simple:

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business account
  2. Select a booking provider like Booksy
  3. Track who’s booked through your link

As Paul Cole, a product manager at Google My Business, says, “Booking buttons can help your business stand out from the crowd.”

2) SkinPro Studio: Highlight products & services prominently in Google Maps

SkinPro Studio


SkinPro Studio encourages bookings by showing their products and services to flesh out the Google Maps profile and the associated costs right on their GMB page. According to Ahrefs, the more complete a Google My Business profile is, the higher it will show up in the results when you’re looking on Google Maps or Google Search.

When looking to add your products or services to Google My Business like SkinPro, Google has a guide for you. The main steps are:

  1. Login to your Google My Business
  2. Select the GMB page you want to edit
  3. Click “Info,” then “Services,” then “Edit” within the menu
  4. Add your sections, products, and items

3) Skin Habit: Be descriptive with paid ads

Skin Habit


Being descriptive in your ads is an effective esthetician marketing idea since potential clients want to know whether you provide high-quality services. Including the following information can help your campaign perform better by showcasing things people care about more than your business name and description.

Skin Habit’s Google Search ad focuses on its award, location, and online booking feature rather than just its name. If you want to be like Skin Habit, here are a few things they’ve done in this ad that you can copy:

  • Add any awards: They used their meta title to showcase an award they received for the main service they provide. This helps people see what they do and that they know what they’re doing.
  • Showcase business features: In the meta description, they talk about their online booking option, enabling people to see that getting an appointment is more accessible than calling or messaging.
  • Advertise beliefs: In their ad, they mention the terms “ciencia,” which is Spanish for “science,” and “naturally-forward ingredients.” These statements let them hone in on the features their target market is looking for — things like natural ingredients, using science, and their beliefs and values.

4) Christine Byer Esthetics: Page descriptions make for a quick, effective first impression

Christine Byer Esthetics


When Christine Byer’s page shows up on a Facebook search results page, you can see who she is, her business name, and what she offers before even clicking on her page.

What Facebook displays under Christine’s page name is her short description.

Given that Facebook only lets you use up to 155 characters, it’s essential to get right to the point of what your target market will care about. In her case, it’s the fact that she can help aging skin.

This description helps drive appointments by creating an excellent first impression. Your page description is an elevator pitch that helps potential customers decide if they want to follow you or not.

5) Salon Freak: Streamline connecting with prospects by including direct booking links

Salon Freak


Salon Freak’s featured button takes you directly to their scheduler so you don’t have to go searching on their website or email or call them.

Suppose you’re looking to have a “Book Now” button and improve your esthetician marketing campaign like Salon Freak. In that case, it’s time to modify your page. When editing it, be sure to add your scheduling link as the main button on your page by following a few simple steps.

  1. Log in to Facebook and go to your page
  2. Click the button (whether it’s set or not)
  3. Click “Edit Button” and then “Book Now” before following the prompts to link your scheduler

By providing an option to book online, you enable customers to book 24/7 without worrying about calling during business hours or waiting on an email response. This increases the odds that they’ll choose to book as they’re browsing, whether that’s at 10 a.m. or 9 p.m.

6) Beauty by Audrea: Set up Facebook Messenger to connect with clients seamlessly

Beauty by Audrea


Utilize Messenger to its fullest extent by enabling it to pop up with suggested questions when a customer visits your page, just like Beauty by Audrea.

Setting up your Facebook Messenger needs to be done in multiple steps, including:

  • Turning on Messenger for your page
  • Creating suggested questions
  • Creating automated greetings or responses

By letting Messenger pop up when a customer opens a page, people don’t have to search to get their questions answered before booking right on the page.

7) Sofia Skin Studio: Garner 2x click-thru-rates on social media with treatment video posts

Sofia Skin Studio


Video posts can get a 2x higher click-through rate on Twitter and a 20x higher share rate on LinkedIn.) While direct click-through is a surefire way to get more bookings, things like shares and comments lead to a wider audience.

More reach means more people seeing your product, which could then lead to more bookings as well. As a bonus, uploading service videos show potential customers what they can expect in terms of both the treatment and the results.

Sofia Skin Studio is a great example of this approach. The business uses video to show before and after results of their services, giving potential customers a view of what they can expect.

If you’re looking to be like Sofia, think about asking your clients if you can record their treatment — perhaps in exchange for a discount or even free treatment. After that, edit the photos and upload them to social media with a description and alt text.

8) Spavia: Automate more of the booking process through chatbot scheduling & FAQs



Our final esthetician marketing idea is to utilize a chatbot like Spavia’s to simplify answering questions and booking appointments.

If you want to obtain more bookings via a chatbot like Spavia, then start with a chatbot integration to connect to your CRM and enable your customer to get questions answered right when they have a question, no matter where they are on your website.

Chatbots are a highly effective way to boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce customer service costs by up to 30%. Try setting up your chatbot so that it can deliver welcome messages, answer frequently asked questions, or track orders to increase sales and satisfy customers.

Use these esthetician marketing ideas and track their effectiveness

Digital marketing is important, and these esthetician marketing ideas are a great way to get started. But knowing which campaigns are working is vital to your business’s growth. Track incoming leads and determine where they came from (including which ad or social media post) with CallRail. Get started with your free trial today.