75% of Businesses Spending $50K+ On Search Advertising Reduce Cost Per Lead With Call Tracking

Marketers say insights derived from call tracking lead to smarter advertising investments according to new CallRail Study

75% of pay-per-click marketers spending over $50,000 per month on Google Ads (formerly AdWords) say that call tracking helps decrease their cost per lead, according to a recent study. We recently surveyed companies that have implemented call tracking into their advertising campaigns with Google Ads. The June 2014 survey asked agencies and companies tracking their Google ad spend to reflect on whether call tracking has changed their digital advertising spend, as well as whether call tracking has helped reduce their cost per lead.

For marketers with a significant budget–defined as between $50K and $100K per month–call tracking was highly correlated (75% of respondents) with a decrease in cost per lead.

“When marketers know exactly what searches and ads are most successful, they can reallocate resources to be more cost-effective,” says Andy Powell, co-founder and CEO of CallRail. “Yet with the increasing trend of searches and calls being sourced from mobile devices, many marketers are still missing a key piece of data because they aren’t tracking the online searches that lead to calls and clicks.”

Call tracking makes it possible to collect data from inbound calls you receive, including the referring URL, the caller’s number and location, a recording of the call, the source of the call (advertising medium), and more. With this information, marketers are optimizing their online marketing campaigns to boost their ROI.