7 physical therapy marketing examples that drive conversions

You know that marketing is necessary, and you’ve read dozens of guides. What you haven’t seen — and now want — are real physical therapy marketing examples. What does a high-quality landing page look like? Where should I place a chatbot? What does a complete Google My Business page look like? Use these conversion-driving examples we’ve gathered from physical therapists all around the U.S. to form your successful marketing campaigns.

1) Fabrizio Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine: Metadata optimization

Fabrizio Physical Therapy


A website is more than what you can see on each page. What you can’t see is just as crucial for your physical therapy marketing efforts as what you can. Fabrizio Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine shows us what having metadata for your website looks like.

When looking to use metadata like Fabrizio, make sure that it’s complete and on every page. Doing so can boost your organic search ranking, resulting in more visitors to your site, thus creating the potential for more customers and calls. At a minimum, make sure you’re using:

  • Meta titles: Try to keep each of your page’s meta titles to around 70 characters, and be sure to include your keyword.
  • Meta descriptions: Keep this to 160 characters and, just like the title, consider including your keyword and other important information about the page.
  • Photo alt text: This is vital for people with vision issues, and secondarily, it can help your search rankings.

2) AtlantaPT: Landing page pop-ups

AtlantaPT Offers


Create landing pages that convert by asking people for their information right away as AtlantaPT does with their website pop-up.

When creating a landing page pop-up, think about following these general guidelines:

  • Minimize the number of pop-ups: Make sure not to overwhelm your audience with too many pop-ups.
  • Make it visually appealing: Ensure your pop-up is eye-catching.
  • Ask for only the vitals: Don’t ask for too much information.
  • Let them say no: Give site visitors an easy and visible way to click “No, thanks.”

While these won’t be direct calls to your phone line, they are hot leads with the chance of converting. Given the top-performing pop-ups get a 9% conversion rate (with the average being 3%), a website with 100,000 visitors a month could expect as many as 9,000 of them to become new leads.

3) Texas Physical Therapy Specialists: Website chatbots

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists (Source)

Use a chatbot like Texas Physical Therapy Specialists to allow another way for customers to ask for help easily and raise opportunities for conversions.

You have a lot of options for implementing something like Texas Physical Therapy Specialists has. Suppose you’re looking for something very simple. In that case, you can use a WordPress plugin to connect your website to your Facebook Messenger. On the other hand, if you’re ready to bring focus and decrease your lead response time in your physical therapy marketing efforts, look at using software like CallRail’s Lead Center to track LRT in a sustained fashion.

A good chatbot should be able to search your help center, connect your leads to a customer service agent, and link with your CRM. In addition to enabling the average business to reduce customer service costs by 30%, they help boost sales and conversions by enabling lead generation and abandoned cart recovery, among other things.

4) Longevity Physical Therapy: Google My Business pages

Longevity Physical Therapy (Source)

One surefire physical therapy marketing method you can use to obtain new clients is to create a complete, accurate, and well-reviewed Google My Business profile just like Longevity Physical Therapy.

If you’re looking to take your Google My Business page to the next level, then make sure to follow Google’s instructions for optimizing your page by adding information like your hours, website, phone number, appointment link, location, and email. To further enrich your profile, ask your current customers for a review and create some FAQs to help guide people who search for your business online.

According to Google, “Google My Business gives you the power to attract and engage customers when they search for your business on Google.” They go on to talk about how it allows you to be found on Google Maps, leave responses to reviews, and more. Ahrefs can confirm this, saying that businesses with complete profiles will show up higher in search results. As a result of showing up first, more people see your business first — increasing the chances that they’ll call you over your competition.

5) Alicia Willoughby Physical Therapy: Facebook Messenger pop-up

Alicia Willoughby Physical Therapy (Source)

Alicia’s page has turned Facebook Messenger into a pop-up chatbot, allowing her to utilize Messenger to its fullest extent.

When looking to optimize your Messenger, make sure your automatic question suggestions help your potential customer get the information they want fast. For example, Alicia allows people to ask how to book an appointment, for the location, and for the services offered — all in one tap.

Overall, setting up Messenger correctly will make it pop up when a potential customer comes to your page. This marketing automation encourages them to reach out immediately (instead of passively navigating) with questions or schedule an appointment.

6) Mike Reinold: Videos about the services offered

Mike Reinold (Source)

Be like the physical therapist Mike Reinold and showcase what you offer by adding videos to your profiles.

Suppose you want to utilize Mike’s marketing tactic. Start by recording mock sessions of your services. Think about recording various types of sessions, classes, and treatments. After editing these videos, add them to your social media profiles as traditional posts.

By recording sessions and adding them to your social profiles, you show your customers what they can expect if they choose you. In addition, you showcase your expertise and encourage engagement — which could lead to driving customer conversions.

7) Clinical Sprinkles: Jab, jab, jab, right hook method

Clinical Sprinkles (Source)

Clinical Sprinkles (aka: Pauline PT, DPT, CMPT ) posts regular videos pushing potential patients to try different exercises. These videos help her sell more by giving something for free before asking for them to buy-in.

If you want to be like Pauline, then think about giving advice and tips for free. Think about what your target market would want to know or try, then give it to them. This method, called the jab, jab, jab, right hook method of physical therapy marketing, is a very effective method for getting calls and obtaining clients. In summary, this method “jabs” the customer with free things, showing them you care. The “right hook” is the ask, a heavy hitter that looks better if you’ve given them something first.

Pair effective physical therapy marketing with call tracking

With these physical therapy marketing examples in hand, you’ll need a reliable method of tracking new leads and their origins. CallRail’s Call Tracking enables you to monitor and assess which marketing campaigns are most effective based on the calls you get to your business. Start your free trial to see which of these seven marketing ideas work best for you!