5 ways to increase your online marketing ROI today

The aim of any marketing campaign is to enable your business to make new sales, and/ or increase its sales volumes. However, even as you roll out your marketing efforts, you might wonder whether your preferred marketing channels are offering a solid ROI.

Why online marketing?

Many businesses adopt online marketing because it is not only cost-effective, but also an effective marketing channel. Used properly, online marketing can provide a real boost to your bottom line, and help you to better prove ROI, which is critical.

How to boost your online marketing ROI

1. Make your landing pages more effective

Landing pages are essential in online marketing because they enable you to draw the attention of your prospects to the transaction at hand and hopefully, convert them from simply being prospects into sales. Essentially, a landing page is the best place for a conversion – whether it’s a simple email signup or final sale – to take place. On average, you have less than 8 seconds to capture the attention of visitors to your website. Failure to do this within this time will see them move on to other sites. As such, your landing pages should offer a unique value proposition that seeks to persuade the visitor – within the shortest time possible – that your product is different and/or is worth buying. In addition, your message must be clear and compelling; avoid any confusing messages and/or distractions that may prevent a prospect from completing the transaction.

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2. Embrace the power of social media

Social networking has grown in leaps and bounds – and in recent times, become one of the most reliable online marketing channels. Using different social media platforms such as Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you can easily create a steady stream of traffic to your company’s online hub – your website. In return, you can achieve a strong online and marketing presence. Social media offers the following advantages:

  • Broad reach – Social media enables you to instantly reach millions of people from all over the globe.
  • Targeted marketing – It allows you to target particular audiences – depending on preferences, age, gender, or locations.
  • Cost effectiveness – Social media marketing is usually very economical; you can run an entire campaign for free or at an extremely low cost.
  • Fast – It enables you to quickly share and distribute information

3. Invest in high-quality content

Investing all your time and money in developing a pretty website, building an email list, and creating social media accounts is of no use if you don’t offer high-quality content. An eye-catching website will go as far as attracting a visitor’s attention, but only for a moment. For you to convert, you need to get him/her to stay on for a bit longer. How to do this? Simple… offer high-quality, relevant and persuasive content that will interest visitors to your site.

4. Make your CRM to work in tandem with marketing automation tools

Your CRM is the central location for all your prospects and leads. Marketing automation, on the other hand, refers to tools that enable you to segment your leads in order to make your marketing communication more efficient. Integrating these two gives your business a supercharged suite of tools to drive sales and increase ROI.

5. Organic traffic vs. PPC

Investing more in SEO enables you to boost your natural search engine rankings and in the process, acquire organic traffic. PPC, and other paid traffic, will only achieve a short-term boost in rankings.

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