How attorneys can get leads using these 5 tools

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Using software to gain and maintain relationships with clients can be a boon for law firms. Clio found that firms using software to manage client intake and nurturing generated up to 9% more revenue in 2019. Yet, a LawLytics survey found that “less than one in four very small firm owners” use technology to grow their practices.

Generating leads is important for attorneys because it’s one of the primary ways to get more clients and generate revenue. Investing in the right software can make the process of lead generation easier. CallRail’s tools help you understand which of your marketing channels and tactics drive the most lead generation and focus on optimizing those channels.

Retrace leads’ steps with Call Tracking

If you’ve invested a lot in marketing, you’ll want to know which channels get you the most customers. CallRail’s Call Tracking allows you to understand what marketing tactics drive leads to call. By using Call Tracking to retrace leads’ steps, attorneys can create better-targeted ad campaigns.

Retrace leads’ steps with Call Tracking

For example, if a lot of customers are calling you via your listing on Google My Business, focus on capitalizing off your listing and providing more information on your GMB. CallRail also integrates with social media channels like Facebook. The integration allows you to track and attribute successful campaigns.

By enabling call recording, Call Tracking also helps users review and refine their customer communications process. We surveyed marketing professionals at EPL Digital and cj Advertising who confirmed that call recording was a valuable feature.

Score leads automatically with Conversation Intelligence

If you get a lot of calls in a day, you or your team probably have to spend a lot of time sifting through which ones are qualified leads and which are not. CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence helps you score leads automatically.

Score leads automatically with Conversation Intelligence

With Conversation Intelligence’s Automation Rules feature, you can select certain keywords to look out for in conversations with customers and score your leads based on how frequently the keywords come up. Conversation Intelligence also provides call highlights that illuminate keywords that you can use to optimize your marketing efforts.

This will look different for every attorney. A personal injury attorney won’t be looking out for the same keywords as a divorce attorney. For example, a client looking for a divorce attorney might use the keywords “separation” and “child custody.” On the other hand, someone looking for a personal injury attorney might use “car accident” or “worker’s comp.”

There are many specialties within the field of law, and it's critical that you focus only on the customers who need your specific services. If half your leads turn out to be reaching out for the wrong service, it’s a waste of time for both you and the leads.

The insights gleaned from AI call analysis not only help with lead scoring but also with finding and optimizing for common threads found in customer communication. This way, you know if there is more opportunity in targeting a different type of client.

JC Law decreased their marketing spend by 20% and increased client retention by 61% when they implemented Conversation Intelligence.

Engage high-value leads using Form Tracking

When visitors fill out your contact form, you probably have certain things you look out for in a qualified lead.

Let’s say you run a multi-service law firm offering intellectual property, estate planning, and divorce law services. One of the most important things to know about your leads is what service they are looking for.

By collecting information using strategic lead capture forms and integrating CallRail’s Form Tracking, you can seamlessly track what actions your high-value leads are taking. You’ll also have this information at your fingertips before they even call to help deepen the customer relationship.

Engage high-value leads using Form Tracking

Form Tracking also helps you understand the effectiveness of the marketing channels you’ve adopted for your practice. When you can attribute each lead that came in by a form to a particular channel, you’ll know where to focus your efforts. And when paired with Call Tracking, it creates a timeline of your customer's journey — showing you what marketing they touch on their buying journey.

Wes Lungwitz, Managing Partner of Civille, confirms the effectiveness of using these tools, stating that “forms are a key piece of lead acquisition for law firms, but some of the leads aren’t relevant, which creates unnecessary work for the firm. Being able to qualify a form lead and understand what made the person submit it helps save time now and in the future for the firm - in addition to increasing revenue.”

Also, consider using Quick Response — a feature that comes with Form Tracking — to instantly call or text new leads, no matter where you are, so you never miss an opportunity for an immediate lead connection. These people are probably shopping around for an attorney, and you don't want to lose them just because you were away from your phone.

Keep up with customer messages using Lead Center

When running your own practice, you are likely very busy and might not have the bandwidth to take every single call or respond to every message. However, time is of the essence when it comes to lead generation. Fail to respond within five minutes, and chances are your lead/prospect moved on to the next best thing. CallRail's Lead Center changes that.

Keep up with customer messages using Lead Center

Lead Center is a system that centralizes all of your customer communications in one place. By using Lead Center to keep track of customer communications, you’ll be able to capture leads you might have missed out on otherwise.

Lead Center allows you to see all of your incoming customer calls, texts, and live chat in a single inbox and respond to any messages you might have missed. The tool also allows you to set up auto-responses, so you never miss a message, no matter how busy you are.

Lawyer Connection found success using Lead Center, which helped them “sort their inbound calls by channel and properly match leads with previous web or phone touchpoints.” It also provided them with “additional flexibility for managing their clients’ outbound calls.” By using Lead Center alongside other features like Call Tracking, the firm received over 7,000 leads.

Tweak your marketing strategy with detailed analytics

Understanding how your marketing is performing can help you improve lead generation. CallRail offers another layer of analytics and integrations with tools like Google Analytics that can help you gather at-a-glance actionable insights in one place. With these insights under one dashboard, you’ll have a better understanding of what actions you want potential leads to take — like calling or downloading a document — and encourage them toward it.

For example, CallRail helped Red Zone Legal Marketing provide insights into their leads, which in turn helped them increase conversions. They can “track and record calls, follow up on callers ... and provide analytics through the CallRail platform to ensure [their] attorneys are getting the optimum return on investment.”

Our friends at Nifty Marketing also shared, “We found that an SEO strategy appeared to be going well, but because of CallRail data, we could see that the traffic increases we were seeing were not leading to more calls. We switched our strategy to be more Facebook Ads focused and were able to see an increase of 271.9% in call volume! We would not have known things were not going well in the first place without CallRail."

Generate organic attorney leads instead of buying them

Optimize your marketing from the get-go to generate organic leads. With paid leads, the focus is more on quantity over quality, and you may end up paying a ton of money for leads that don’t convert. You don’t want to be paying up to $700 per lead, as estimated by the American Bar Association.

Focusing on generating organic leads will help you save money and build better relationships with your leads. CallRail helps you understand which platforms are working for you and stay on top of conversations with leads. Implement tactics that generate organic leads, so you won’t be scrambling to pay for leads that may not convert to customers.