4 Reasons Call Tracking is Necessary for Marketing Agencies

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Do Your Clients Know How Awesome You Are?

Marketing Agencies use every channel they can to get valuable leads and sell for their clients. With offline marketing still driving conversions and content marketing becoming an integral part of marketing strategies it’s important to be able to track all leads back to their offline or online marketing channel. If you are using analytics software to track some conversions, but you aren’t tracking phone call conversions you may be missing out on a substantial amount of valuable data. Call tracking allows you to show your clients a complete picture of how their marketing campaigns are working, enabling you to give credit to every lead you generate and show clients just how valuable you are.

4 Reasons You Should Be Call Tracking:

  1. Client Retention

    It cost less to keep your current clients happy, than it does to gain new clients and according to Bain & Company,  a 5% increase in customer retention can increase your company’s profits up to 95%. Call tracking helps you retain clients by showing them every single lead you generate, and face it: if you’re not using call tracking, your marketing efforts may be driving more leads than you are currently able to show your clients. This is especially beneficial to agencies who get paid according to how many leads they generate. Call tracking also allows you to show clients how to budget their marketing funds wisely, allocating more funds towards what channels create results. Once you use call tracking to find out what marketing channels work best for clients they can focus their marketing budgets there, increasing the value of their campaigns, thus increasing your value as their marketing agency.

  2. Get Better at Optimizing Campaigns

    By combining call tracking and web analytics along with offline data you are getting an invaluable picture of each and every lead your clients marketing campaigns are driving. This information helps you optimize their current and future marketing campaigns. Now that you’ve got a complete view of what works and what doesn’t, you can see what changes need to be made to implement the most efficient and valuable marketing campaign while being confident on how your clients should allocate their marketing budgets.

  3. Access Keyword Data

    CallRail call tracking provides visitor timelines and multichannel call attribution, giving you and your clients the insight and data missing from recent Google Organic Search updates. CallRail’s visitor timelines allow you to get a better idea of what keywords drive phone calls while giving you context of landing pages, previous website visits and other behavior that lead to calls. CallRail’s multichannel call attribution feature allows you to view all of the interactions a website visitor had with your website before they called, giving you invaluable insight previously available only through keyword data.

  4. Benefit from Call Tracking Tools and Features

    CallRail call tracking also provides tools that allow you to manage marketing data like never before. Integrate with more than 220 web applications including CRM software like Salesforce call tracking integration as well as Google Analytics. CallRail also provides White Label Call Tracking, allowing you to use your agencies branding while giving clients access to their call tracking data and letting them see firsthand how their marketing channels are driving calls.

Show, Don’t Tell Your Clients How Awesome You Are

  • Get credit for every single lead you generate, offline and online.
  • Easily prove the ROI and value of marketing campaigns to clients.
  • Integrate with multiple web applications and benefit from White Label Call Tracking.

Call tracking increases the accuracy of your data by giving you a full picture of your marketing efforts, benefiting not only your clients but your agency as well. Get credit for every lead you generate and let your clients know just how valuable you are to them with call tracking.