3 Ways Home Service Pros Serve More Customers with Form Tracking

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Surveys found that 88% of leads expect businesses to respond to their emails and other communications within 60 minutes of delivery.

As a home service pro, this shouldn’t be surprising.

Many of your requests are already urgent: busted pipes, flooding floors, a fallen tree blocking a driveway, a broken AC in the middle of summer. Still, the expectation to respond quickly is ever growing.

Adding Form Tracking to your Call Tracking capabilities ensures you seamlessly capture leads from multiple sources while also connecting you to your leads instantly, which shortens your sales cycle, closes deals faster, and gives you more time to serve more customers. It can also give you greater insight into each customer's journey.

Here are the three ways home service pros serve more customers with Form Tracking.

1. Reduces response time

From Submission Email Notification

During an average day, chances are you're usually out in the field handling customer requests, making it hard to keep up with new ones coming in through your website. CallRail’s Form Tracking tool changes that.

It allows you to receive notifications when a potential customer submits an online form. These notifications will provide all the information the customer submitted online along with the campaign that led them to your business. So, for example, if you are running a special promotion or discount, you'll know your potential customer is expecting your deal and that your campaign is performing.

Let's take it a step further. Form Tracking has a helpful feature called Quick Response for your online forms. With Quick Response notifications, Form Tracking captures the contents of each form submitted on your website and instantly calls or texts you with each customer's details so you can connect with them in a single click in addition to giving them a personalized customer experience.

2. Improves customer experiences

Consider this example. Let’s say you have a landscaping business, Logan's Landscaping. On your website, there’s a form where customers can submit a request for a landscaping quote. You're currently out in the field, so you're not at your desk monitoring incoming customer requests. Fortunately, on the form, one of the fields is "what is the best number to reach you?" After the customer submits that form, two types of automation occur — also known as Automated Response.

  1. First, the customer receives an auto-response notification informing them that Logan's Landscaping will be in touch that business day (comes in handy when handling customer expectations).
  2. Next, Logan's CallRail tracking number will get a call (or text) notification letting Larry know someone has submitted a form for a landscaping quote.

You can then press a number to instantly call back the lead with the phone number they provided on the form. Pretty simple right? Your leads will be wondering how you got back to them so quickly.

3. Provides a full view of the customer’s journey


In addition to Quick Response, Form Tracking provides a seamless timeline of all your phone and form leads, including call recordings (If you’re using Conversation Intelligence, you can also see transcripts). You'll have their entire contact history instantly, giving you enhanced insights for your next call with them.

Also, you'll be able to measure the success of your online and offline campaigns. For example, your business probably has its number on many different advertising channels, such as commercials, billboards, flyers, etc. With calls coming in from various sources, Call Tracking plus Form Tracking will give you a better idea of what campaigns are yielding the greatest ROI for your business. With enhanced ROI insights, you’ll be able to create more tailored campaigns in the future.

Power up Call Tracking with Form Tracking


Together, Call Tracking and Form Tracking are powerhouses for home services businesses. They work together seamlessly to highlight all of your phone and form lead activity, allowing your business to market smarter and capture more valuable leads. You'll be able to see your leads' entire timeline, from first touch to conversion. Combined with Call Tracking, Form Tracking makes it easier for your home service business to exceed customer expectations while pinpointing exactly what's driving ROI.

"The CallRail platform has turned what was previously a series of disconnected phone calls and form leads into a vast treasure trove of data that helps me make intelligent decisions about my ad spend, lead follow-up policies, website optimization, and customer service."

~ George Morrison, Bio One Austin Home Services customer of CallRail