3 Things 100K Per Month PPC Marketers Do Differently

We surveyed 2,500 CallRail users between Wednesday, May 28th and Tuesday, June 10th of this year and asked them a few questions on their pay per click (PPC) ad spend. The results were anonymous and the insight we received on how 100k per month PPC marketers are using CallRail to guide their ad spend has been invaluable:

    1. 93% Regularly Adjust Their Bids: They Adjust Their Ad Spend, Using Call Tracking as a Guide. Of PPC marketers spending over $100k/mo, 93% have adjusted their average monthly Google Ads (formerly AdWords) spend since implementing CallRail. These results solidify call tracking as an analytics tool for better evaluating PPC campaigns. Implementing call tracking gives you the ability to track the PPC sources that drive inbound phone calls. When marketers know exactly what searches and ads are driving inbound calls, they can adjust their PPC spend and reallocate resources to be more cost effective.

“[We’ve had a] dramatic Overhaul of Google Ads Campaign.”
– Anonymous Survey Participant

    1. 92% Reduce CPL With Call Tracking: They Use CallRail to Drive Down Cost Per Lead. Of PPC marketers spending over $100K/mo, 92% report that CallRail helps them drive down their cost per lead. Implementing call tracking allows companies to see what keywords are effectively driving call conversions, allowing them to get smarter about their spending.
    2. 88% Keep The Money Flowing: Of Surveyed PPC Marketers, 88% keep their budget the same or increase their PPC Spend. Marketers are finding that to make more money, you may have to spend more money. Even though CallRail helps them drive down Cost Per Lead, they’re using those savings they’ve received and putting them back into advertising that they know works.

“We have a lot more budget for Google Ads because we have an actual way of tracking the success for our clients,”
– Anonymous survey participant

Call tracking is a necessary tool for PPC marketers with a significant PPC budget, enabling them to drive down cost per lead and adjust their ad spend based on real data on what keywords effectively drive call conversions.