3 Reasons Call Tracking Technology is Garnering Attention

The huge shift from premise-based phone systems to voice over IP phone systems is no longer headline news. You won’t turn many heads by talking about the record number of business owners that are opting for all-in-one VoIP solutions over traditional landline-based PBX systems. What you might be surprised to learn, however, is that underneath this established trend, there is a radical transformation taking place — and it’s shaping the future of SMB phone systems. Much of it is being driven by telephony that’s powered by the cloud instead of copper.

While many businesses still rely on copper lines for phone calls, security systems, credit card processing, and fax, these landlines simply cannot accommodate communication channels and capabilities that customers and businesses have widely adopted. Look no further than text messages and you’ll find that landlines are falling short of keeping up with customer communication preferences. For local businesses that rely on the phone for inbound leads (which is nearly all of them), the functionality of copper lines pales in comparison to what call-tracking-enabled lines have done for years. Unfortunately for business owners, the VoIP packages being sold to them also fall far short of the level of functionality that call tracking provides.

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