The start of the year is the perfect time for bringing in the new, or at least revising the old. For many marketers, the first quarter of the year marks a fresh start for marketing campaigns. So how do you know which new strategies should make the cut this year, and which ones should you leave back in 2015? We’ve got you covered.

  1. Going Beyond Basic Analytics: We get it. You love Google Analytics, and we do too. Knowing where your leads are coming from online is invaluable for digital marketers, but basic analytics are so 2015. It’s time to track more than just clicks and traffic. If you haven’t set up goals in analytics connected with values, here’s the year to start. You can even set up custom dashboards that give you an at a glance breakdown of what marketing channels are driving conversions, saving you time and making it easier to report on how your marketing is doing.
  2. Integrate Your Software: at CallRail we are big believers in the power of un-siloed data, that’s why we use multiple tools to get us the information we need. We integrate Marketo marketing automation software with our customer relationship management system SalesForce, and even our own call tracking platform to view more data on how potential leads become customers, and fill out any and all of our lead attribution gaps. We’ve learned first hand that doing so has not only simplified our workflows, it’s increased our conversion rate by 20%.
  3. Get Your Search Together: Updating your website and blog copy for SEO is not a one off thing, it’s an ongoing process. Even if you’ve optimized your content in 2015, you’ll want to do the same in 2016. It’s easier than you think to make what’s old new again. Revise old content to keep your customers coming back.
  4. Track Everything: Make sure you are tracking all of your lead sources. Not just online activity, but also the leads you are driving over the phone. This is especially important if you’re running click-to-call campaigns. Many paid advertising programs show you how many clicks lead to a phone call, but don’t show you if the click resulted in an actual call. Plus, even if the call takes place, it’s hard to tell if it was from a qualified lead. Call tracking not only shows you how many clicks resulted in actual phone calls, but lets you record the calls for lead qualification.
  5. Get Engaged: Your customers are an invaluable source when it comes to new marketing strategies. Engaging with them on social media, tapping into your sales and customer service teams for insight, and even creating content through call recording, are great ways to create content and understand what channels are actually reaching your potential customers. Another great way to get engaged with clients is by interviewing them for case studies, not only do you get a deeper understanding of how they are using your product, you also get to generate content with validation that your product does what you say it does.

What strategies are you planning on implementing in 2016? Let us know in the comments! Want more tips on how you can transform your marketing in 2016? Sign up for our newsletter.


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