What is lead tracking?

Posted by
Jules Tompkins at CallRail
on April 2, 2019
woman sitting outside drinking coffee at a table calling a business that uses lead tracking

Lead tracking is the process of determining the source of leads, actively monitoring where leads are in the sales and marketing funnel, and pursuing the appropriate actions to move the lead to the next stage and close the sale. Jules Tompkins and Carolyn Lyden contributed to this post. Why do sales and marketing need lead…

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Best practices for allocating marketing budget

Posted by
Dedra Mitchell at CallRail
on March 29, 2019

Building a marketing budget is one of your most important — and often, most daunting — responsibilities. The money in your marketing budget is finite, and how you allocate each dollar can make the difference between a thriving marketing program and a failing one. According to Econsultancy, marketing budgets have been steadily rising since 2011.…

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With Bing, Google Ads, and call tracking, ‘PPC sharpshooters’ SalesX deliver superior results

Posted by
on March 22, 2019
A man looks up at the rising line of a graph painted on the wall in front of him.

There’s no shortage of PPC marketing experts today who promise to bring in big results for your business. But in the new and constantly shifting world of online advertising, those claims can suddenly evaporate due to abrupt changes in the industry — expertise with the current Google Ads (AdWords) ranking algorithm becomes less valuable when…

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How to drive more call conversions from Facebook ads

Posted by
on March 13, 2019
Marketer using whisper message

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network, making it a leading digital advertising channel for marketers. Millions of businesses use Facebook to tell their brand’s story, increase website traffic, and improve sales. And for digital marketers whose work revolves around phones, Facebook call conversions are quickly becoming a key revenue driver. According to the…

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