Make and Receive Phone Calls Directly from Your Browser

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Simplify call management with a browser-based phone.

It’s time to start focusing on quality conversations, and stop worrying about complex phone systems. With CallRail’s Softphone, you can route calls directly to your browser, eliminating the need for complicated and costly external phone networks.

All you need to start placing and receiving calls is an internet connection and a headset with a microphone, making integrated call tracking and call management simple. No matter where your agents are located, they’ll have a powerful browser-based phone conveniently at their fingertips.



Prepare agents for productive calls.

Softphone lets you easily combine the power of your call tracking analytics with your call center. CallRail’s Softphone technology gives your agents instant access to compelling data, such as the marketing source and location of the caller, at the moment the call begins. We provide agents with the ability to easily write notes and add tags while on the call, so you can capture caller information that matters.


Receive Inbound Calls

Receive Inbound Calls

Answer calls to your tracking numbers without ever leaving CallRail. Softphone gives you the flexibility to route calls directly to your browser, saving you the headache and expense of traditional phone systems.

Outbound Call Tracking

Place Outbound Calls

Use the Softphone Dialer to quickly and easily place outbound calls from your browser. Instantly return calls placed to your tracking numbers from the CallRail Activity Dashboard.

Call Monitoring

Live Call Monitoring

Listen to calls in real-time for quality and training purposes. Call Monitoring gives you full visibility into how your agents are conducting phone calls.

Caller ID Data

Caller Insights

With immediate access to caller insights, agents can tailor conversations to where the caller left off online. Softphone helps agents improve conversations and conversions.

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Lower Costs

Save money by eliminating the need for complex phone systems. Turn your computer into a phone and replace expensive hardware with your browser and a headset.

Caller ID Data

Lead Center

Lead Center shows you in-depth caller information as the call happens, including the status of calls, call recordings, and the caller’s previous web and call activity.

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