Business-Class Text Messaging

Your Whole Team Can Text with Your Tracking Phone Numbers

SMS Conversations

SMS Messaging from Call Tracking Numbers

You can use your CallRail tracking phone numbers to send and receive sms messages.
You’ll be able to initiate and respond to text messages by clicking the ‘text’ link in the ‘Real Time Interactions’ section of your dashboard. Here, you can send messages, write back to anyone who has initiated a conversation with you, and view any previous correspondence you (or someone else from your team) had with a customer.
In addition to being able to write back to any text messages your phone numbers receive, you can configure your numbers to alert you, and other users on your account, of any incoming texts via email.

Texting Screenshot

Instant Response

You will be able to communicate with anyone who sends a text message to a phone number that is configured in your account to receive text messages. Being able to respond immediately, and at little cost, keeps communication simple and enhances the experience.

Mobile Marketing

Now, more than ever, consumers are reaching out to companies via their mobile devices. What better way to capture this mobile audience than to be available via text message?

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