Outbound Call Tracking

Quickly and Efficiently Follow up on Phone Leads

Call Follow Up

Using Outbound Call Tracking

Our outbound call tracking software lets you use your tracking phone numbers to quickly respond to and place outbound phone calls to any number, in your analytics dashboard.



Once you initiate the outbound call, we’ll call you on your phone number. This can be any number you select from a drop down list, or a new number you enter. When you answer on your end, we’ll prompt you to connect, then dial the recipient for you. You will also have the option of recording the outbound call, by selecting the ‘Record Call’ option.

When you place an outbound call, from the recipient’s perspective, it’s just like you called them directly from your phone — except your tracking phone number will show up on their Caller ID.

Place Outbound Calls From Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Phone



You can use our outbound call tracking system to quickly respond to missed calls, track follow-up phone calls, and to place outbound calls to potential leads. Outbound calls can be placed from your call details page, or by clicking the caller’s phone number in the main call table.

Faster Lead Response Time

The value of an inbound lead decays with every passing minute. Outbound call tracking allows you to respond to leads faster by showing you which calls still need to be returned, and giving you the opportunity to return and track those calls right from your dashboard.

Track Your Outbound Sales Calls

Now you can track and measure the productivity of sales and customer service teams by viewing how often calls are being followed up on, how long lead response time is, and which team members are returning each call.

Record Your Outbound Calls

Get deeper insight into how outbound call are handled. Use outbound recordings to strategically coach and monitor your sales and support teams, all while ensuring quality assurance and converting more leads into sales.

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