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Access powerful call center functionality and valuable real-time insights to help increase sales and improve customer service.

Receive relevant, contextual information about your leads before you pick up the phone

Tailor your conversations and convert more leads with access to a lead’s originating marketing source and any previous phone call, text or form activity. Agents can assign notes, lead values, and lead scores before, after, and during an inbound phone call to improve reporting accuracy. Learn More
Call Recording
Call Recording

Simplify call management by using our powerful, browser-based phone

Use Lead Center’s softphone functionality and outbound dialer to make, receive, or record phone calls using your CallRail tracking numbers. Listen to calls in real-time for quality and training purposes using live call monitoring. Learn More
Call Recording

Convert more replies into sales with business-class text messaging

Include texting options in your ads to create a simple way for mobile consumers to respond to your advertising. With access to SMS messaging within Lead Center, you can follow-up with click-to-text leads rapidly and close more deals. Learn More

Call Recording

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