Instant Call Notifications

Receive Desktop, Email and Mobile Notifications of Your Phone Calls

Email Notifications

Never Miss a Lead Again

Our instant desktop and email notifications keep you plugged into your business. Each notification you receive contains valuable information that will ensure that leads are responded to quickly, and that your customers receive the service they expect.

Setup alerts using CallRail’s mobile app for easy access to call data on your smartphone. Mobile notifications keep you informed on the status of your phone calls on-the-go.

Mobile Call Notifications


Use CallRail’s call notifications to:

  • See which campaign, source, or keyword is driving a phone call.
  • View whether a call was marked as a good lead.
  • Know who is calling your business the instant they call.
  • See any missed calls so you can follow up quickly.
  • Listen to call recordings as soon as the call is completed.

CallRail Email Notification

View All Company Call Activity

We also provide Company Summary Emails, a convenient summary of your company’s call activity sent straight to your inbox.

company summary emails


Receive a daily, weekly, or monthly breakdown of company call activity, including:

  • The number of calls by source.
  • The number of calls by duration.
  • Stats comparing total calls, new callers, total call duration, and average duration to the previous period.
  • Number of calls by keyword (for clients using keyword-level call tracking).