View Analytics, Manage Calls, and Create Reports by User

With CallRail’s Agent feature, you can not only see which sources are driving conversions over the phone, but also access analytics and reports that show how individual agents are handling those leads.


Route Calls Based on the Agent, Not Just Phone Numbers

You’ll be able to route calls to specific team members, even when those team members have multiple telephone numbers from which they take calls. You can even select a specific person for a Dial, Simulcall, or Round Robin step in Call Flow Builder.


Filter Calls by Agent

Filter inbound and outbound calls for any agent from your dashboard and customizable reports. Help train team members by tracking and measuring their call response times.


Customized Notifications

CallRail’s Agent feature also makes call notifications more robust. In addition to receiving call notifications based on call activity to a specific tracking number, or company in your account, an agent can receive an email notification for assigned calls.

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