RoboRail Anti-Spam Technology

Prevent Unwanted Calls from Reaching Your Business

thumbnail-7   RoboRail implements a number of measures to prevent unwanted calls from reaching your business. CallRail’s approach to fighting spam and robodialers ensures clean data in your call tracking reports, and keeps your phone lines open to your real customers. This exclusive system is included automatically within your CallRail account– at no additional cost. Your marketing campaigns are protected from day one, without any manual setup in your account, and without having to allocate any cost to spam prevention in your marketing budget.

RoboRail’s Three-Tiered Approach to Blocking Call Spam

  • Detection:  The active spam monitoring systems in place target calls matching call patterns RoboRail has identified as spam or robodialers.
  • Blocking:  RoboRail keeps track of every single call that’s blocked or challenged, updating the database of blacklisted callers on a daily basis.
  • Prevention: Additional defenses are in place for calls placed to online tracking numbers, especially toll-free numbers, including removing unwanted calls from your call analytics before they interfere with your reporting.

Spam Protection 24/7

CallRail maintains a relationship with a spam prevention partner that has blocked more than 50 million robocalls. This exchange allows RoboRail access to a plethora of data that’s much greater than that of a single provider, making RoboRail the industry’s leading spam prevention tool. With RoboRail, your data is clean, your reports are accurate, and your marketing campaigns continue to perform successfully.
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