See Caller Activity on Your Website: Before, During, and After the Call

Understand How Your Most Valuable Visitors Use Your Website

The Visitor Timeline allows our clients who use keyword-level call tracking to see how visitors navigated their website before they call, what page they were on when they called and what actions they took online after they’ve called. Visitor Timelines also show you each separate source that brought a visitor to your site in the order that the interaction with your site was made.

How CallRail Builds Visitor Timelines

When a visitor goes to your website we track the path they take, including the pages they visit and the date and time those pages are visited, even if those visits take place at separate times or on different days. Any action they make on the pages and any phone number they call is logged in CallRail. When you view the details about the call, you’ll see all of this information in one convenient timeline.

Benefits of Visitor Timeline

  • See what pages users are on when they call and get a better understanding of why visitors call.
  • Learn what people are looking for when they call and use that information to make it easier for clients to access what they need on your website.
  • Give your call recordings context by seeing what callers were doing on your website before and after they made the call.
  • View what people are calling about the most and what services listed on your site are in high demand.

See how callers use your website: before, during, and after they call.

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