Calls by Source Report

View Every Interaction a Caller Had With Your Site

call by source report

View Call Source Attribution with Calls by Source

CallRail’s Calls by Source attribution report makes it easy to see which advertisements or marketing channels influence a visitor’s decision to call. If you are using multiple online marketing channels to reach your customers, you can run a call attribution report to see every source and pageview that lead to a conversion — not just the first or last touchpoint.

A good example is the Visitor Timelines call attribution report, which goes even deeper to effectively analyze customer behavior. This keyword-level calls report tracks how visitors interact with your website before they contact your business — source calls can even be attributed to the exact page that prompted a visitor to call.

CallRail's Call Attribution report showing calls by source

Easily compare call sources using different attribution models:

Use the Calls by Source report to help measure the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising campaigns. It’s a valuable way to capture and categorize multi-channel call attributions from specific channels or web pages. This not only helps determine the ROI and effectiveness of a particular campaign, but it also gives valuable insight to help shape future marketing efforts.

Our report allows you to view three different attribution models:

  1. First Touch Interaction – Shows you how the visitor first came to your site.
  2. Last Touch Interaction – Shows you the last channel a visitor to your site.
  3. All Interactions – Shows you all of the channels a visitor took to your site.

CallRail’s Calls by Source report allows you to see every call source and page view that lead to a conversion, not just the first or last touch point, allowing you to optimize campaigns with a complete view of what marketing channels are most effective.

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