Call Tracking for Agencies

Prove Results for Your Clients with Call Tracking

You know you’re good. CallRail helps you prove it.

You do great work for your clients. You know it, we know it — but do they know it? Call tracking helps you to deliver proven results. Your clients won’t have to wonder if your marketing campaigns are delivering calls: CallRail shows them the data (and if you choose, a recording of every call).

Better yet, call tracking data will help you make more informed advertising decisions. Better decisions drive better ROI, and that creates happy clients. Every CallRail account supports unlimited client sub-accounts and logins.

Once I installed call tracking, I could see our clients were underestimating the value of the advertising we were doing for them. People were calling before making large purchases. Even if they initially used search they may go back to the site and complete a sale, but you’d never know that the sale was related to the advertising without call tracking.

                            – Darren Carter, NYC SEM


CallRail’s White Label Solution

Choose the Pro plan from CallRail for a seamless white label branding experience as you show proven results from advertising and other marketing campaigns. CallRail’s Pro package is only $120 per month and includes 20 phone numbers and 2,000 minutes. Please call 888-907-4718 or contact us for more details about our special features for agencies. Learn more about white label call tracking.

Account Center

For agencies or administrators handling multiple CallRail accounts, Account Center enables you to access all of your accounts with one email address. Simplify your workflows by easily switching between accounts where you’re an administrative user. Learn more about Account Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer

Is there any contract of minimum term?
No! Your CallRail account is month-to-month and you are free to cancel at any time.
Can I port numbers to CallRail from another provider?
Yes! We’ll help you port your tracking numbers into CallRail from another provider.The process typically takes 4-6 weeks, and there is no downtime.
How will my account be billed?
Each CallRail account is billed to a single credit card each month. We provide tools so you can see how much cost is allocated to each client.
Can CallRail charge my clients directly?
If you wish for a client to be billed directly, we recommend creating a separate CallRail account for that client.
Can my clients keep their numbers even if they stop working with us?
The tracking phone numbers in your agency account belong to you. If you want to transfer them to your client, your client will need to create a new CallRail account. At your request, we can push the numbers into their account.
Can I port my numbers away from CallRail?
Yes. We want happy customers, not locked-in customers. If you want to switch call tracking providers, we’ll help you port them out.
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