Out-of-the-Box Customer Invoicing

for simplified account management

You spend tons of time and effort managing campaigns in each of your clients’ CallRail accounts. You use Account Center to access each account, and separate billing, but wouldn’t you love to oversee all your client’s call tracking campaigns within a single interface?

CallRail’s new Customer Invoicing feature can help you easily manage and customize your client’s call tracking campaigns and payments, using a single, unified CallRail account.

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With CallRail’s Customer Invoicing you can:

  • Merge your current call tracking clients into a single CallRail account.
  • Handle billing and campaign tracking at the individual company level.
  • Turn call tracking into a profit opportunity by applying mark-ups at the client level.
  • Receive payments directly from your clients, but CallRail will bill your credit card on the first of each month.

Ready to Get Started?

Customer Invoicing is a premium feature available to CallRail customers on the Pro or Elite pricing plans. Learn more about the benefits of these integrations and how to upgrade your account here.

To activate Customer Invoicing, you’ll need to reach out to the CallRail Support Team in order to merge your multiple Account Center accounts. There are a few things you’ll need to prepare in your accounts first, so we’ve compiled this quick guide for you so that you can be prepared:

How to Prepare Your CallRail Accounts for Merging

How to Activate Customer Invoicing
How to Activate the Stripe Integration

Still have questions? Submit a ticket to the CallRail Support Team, and we’ll be in touch to help you get started.