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Life at CallRail

Work hard, then
turn it off

We value working hard, being present, and always striving to improve. But we also prioritize spending time with our loved ones, pursuing side projects, going on dream vacations, taking time to unwind, and always remembering to mute notifications after hours.

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Community Involvement

Giving back to our community

We pay it forward to our community through monthly volunteer outings at a variety of local organizations, including women’s centers, refugee advocacy groups, animal shelters, the Atlanta Pride Parade, and more. We also offer opportunities to give back without leaving the office, such as clothing drives and writing letters to our troops overseas.

Commuter-friendly Jobs

Atlanta traffic is optional

Our location in the heart of downtown Atlanta means there are plenty of ways to avoid gridlock. Many of us take trains, bikes, and electric scooters to the office. It’s better for the environment and our stress levels.
After Work

Professionals with hobbies

We make time for hobbies and hidden talents. You’ll find us going to band practice, performing stand-up comedy, creating art, running small businesses, and cosplaying at Dragon Con, among many other things.
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