UX ResearcherRole has been filled by a talented individual

What You’ll Do

We aim to create a culture of problem-solving design that’s reflected throughout our product, marketing, and brand experience. We are looking for our first User Experience Researcher with the ability to create, organize, and fully execute usability tests/research, and present findings and recommendations to other members of the Product team.   

You will be in charge of driving research throughout our product cycle.  You will work directly with end users to collect and assess quantitative and qualitative data. You will use this information to inform product-related hypotheses, recommendations, and ultimately, user stories in the product backlog.  Here are some other things you might do:

  • Continuously refine user research methods and strategy into the core product development process and help create a more informed and more empathetic product team.
  • Work with product owners to create research plan & success metrics around feature releases.
  • Interview customers for more background on the needs/wants that prompted their feature requests, and help product owners develop creative solutions to these problems.
  • Apply appropriate research methods to find insights to inform product decision-making.
  • Collaborate regularly with UX team leads on research initiatives to identify weaknesses in the product.
  • Document user requests/frustrations and suggest prioritization of features and UX improvements.
  • Follow-up after feature release for insights and usage metrics for UX retrospective.
  • Helping cross-functional development teams increase efficiency by driving research activities to support a 3-6 month future roadmap.
  • Convert research findings into recommendations and action items, with consideration of company and product goals.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • A proven track record of success in working with designers, product managers, engineers, and various stakeholders to influence product decision-making with research.
  • Hands-on experience conducting UX research end-to-end, including research planning, remote testing, gathering insights, analyzing results, summarizing, and presenting findings.
  • Familiarity with research and usability strategy deliverables such as discovery findings, mental models, scenarios, user journey maps, personas, debrief documentation, screeners, testing plans, task lists, etc.
  • Previous experience driving user research for a web application — B2B SaaS is a major plus.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Must be able to clearly articulate and present research, and tailor message to various audiences.
  • Ability to adapt to a fast-moving and changing environment as the team and our product grows.

You'll be responsible for pioneering this position within our organization. It's important to be passionate about your work, extremely self-motivated, and eager to share your findings with cross-functional teams.

About CallRail

CallRail is marketing technology company that helps data-driven businesses understand which of their marketing campaigns are driving phone calls, how those calls are handled once received, and how those leads convert into customers. In a nutshell, we provide smart agile marketers the information they need to make smarter decisions about how to make their phone ring.  

What We Believe

  • Life is more than work. Though we work hard, we value balance. Like you, we expect to spend our evenings and weekends with friends and family.
  • Results matter. Work isn’t where you are or how long you spent; it’s what you accomplish. If you work best from home, at a coffee shop, or at the beach - we’re on board with that.
  • Be entrepreneurial at heart. You should see the big picture and understand the problems we solve. You’ll drive your own projects, so you’ll need to be independent and self-motivated.
  • Optimize for happiness. We believe that happy people are the most effective people. We take pride in our products and believe that a fulfilling career contributes to a happy life.