Software Development ApprenticeRole has been filled by a talented individual

CallRail is hiring an aspiring software developer for a four-month, paid apprenticeship in Atlanta, GA. The program will focus on providing our apprentices the tools and experiences they need to learn and grow. They will work on real-world projects side-by-side with experienced developers and mentors. Full-time offers are possible at the conclusion of the apprenticeship.

About Us

CallRail is a marketing technology company headquartered in downtown Atlanta. We build a call tracking platform that helps businesses understand which of their marketing campaigns are driving phone calls, how those calls are handled once received, and how those leads convert. We're more than 100 team members strong, with about 40 of us in Product Development. We pride ourselves in the quick turn-around of high-quality features and streamlined communication that come with having development teams integrate a mix of developers, product owners, and UI/UX designers.

Our technology stack includes one large and two small Ruby on Rails applications. We use PostgreSQL for our database, AngularJS across the front end, Ansible for automating our deployments and operations, and AWS for hosting it all. Some of our most-used tools are the Twilio API, RSpec, Sidekiq, and Redis.

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About You

You're comfortable with the basics of Ruby and have built a few Ruby on Rails applications, but you have little, if any, professional programming experience. You've probably finished a bootcamp-style program, have been teaching yourself, or are changing career paths into development. You're eager, curious, and driven. You aren't afraid of failure and when you fall down, you get back up again. You're comfortable searching for answers on your own and asking questions when you need help. Most importantly, you love learning and are very excited to start your career in web development.

About the Role

As an apprentice, you'll have the opportunity to work side-by-side with our developers on projects that will directly benefit our customers and our team members, all while in an environment specifically dedicated to your learning. You'll be assigned a mentor and an engineering manager to guide you through the technical and non-technical aspects of growing as a developer and provide you with regular feedback on your progress.

To start, you'll learn the ins and outs of our product, our applications, and how we run everything at scale. You'll have specific guided learning sessions on object-oriented programming and how the internet works, with CallRail-specifics. You'll then spend time rotating between our different development teams to gain experience across multiple areas of the stack and parts of the applications. You'll work on a combination of projects with your time split between working together with the other apprentice, your mentor, and solo. This will be our first apprenticeship cohort, so the program plan will adapt to your interests and learning style.

This position is on-site in downtown Atlanta, GA and we are unable to accept remote candidates. You must be legally eligible to work in the United States; we unfortunately are unable to sponsor visas. Sorry, but we aren’t able to work with recruiters or third-party candidates for this role.

Application Process

Our interview process consists of an initial application, a code challenge, and an onsite interview. Every applicant will be notified of their status moving into the next round. All applications and code challenges will be anonymized before review to prevent any biases held by reviewers.