Senior QA EngineerRole has been filled by a talented individual

About CallRail

CallRail is a marketing technology company. We help data-driven businesses understand which of their marketing campaigns are driving phone calls, how those calls are handled, and how those leads convert into customers. Many of our customers are small, locally-owned businesses, and CallRail’s tools help them compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace. In a nutshell, we provide smart, agile marketers the information they need to make better decisions about how to make their phone ring.

Our product is a no-contract self-service SaaS application, which means we have to earn our customers’ business every single month by providing them real value. It makes us a product-focused company comprised of people who yearn to build best-in-class software.

About the Product Development Team and QA

Our product development process moves very quickly, and you should be comfortable with that pace. We deploy features and updates multiple times daily, so our QA focuses on testing continually integrated changes rather than certifying a gold master monstrous release.

What You'll Do

CallRail is looking for a Senior QA Engineer (6+ yrs experience) with extensive manual testing experience to help us deliver our next-generation call analytics platform. We’re looking for testers who enjoy the excitement of the bug chase and are passionate about finding edge cases. You’ll work closely with engineers and product managers to harden new functionality and occasionally identify flaws in existing production code.


We’re eager to expand our current solid QA team, so we expect you to be a confident self-starter who genuinely cares about work results and is eager to learn on the technical side and apply concepts while on the job.  You will be testing in modern web-based SaaS applications that’s tied to a continuous integration pipeline - further highlighting the fact that we’re fast paced. We’re lean on tools, documentation and processes right now, but looking to improve as we scale.