Keyword Call Tracking & Visitor Call Tracking

Keyword Call Tracking is the Key to Refining your PPC Strategy

Keyword Call Tracking

Call Tracking at the “Keyword Level”

Keyword Call tracking is one of our most advanced and useful features. When a visitor comes to your website following an online search, we assign a unique phone number to them during their entire stay. As long as they are on the site, they are the only one seeing that number. When they call, you will know who called and what keyword(s), pages, etc. they saw and used while they were online with you. This is a very popular service with about one third of all our customers taking advantage of this feedback. The data feeds directly into Google Analytics and then into Google Adwords. That means you can see phone calls as conversions! Not only can you see which marketing sources are driving calls, now you can drill down to the individual search keyword level and link calls to specific web visitors and their actions on your site.

How Does Keyword Level Call Tracking Work?

The foundation of keyword-level call tracking is a pool of telephone numbers that belongs exclusively to your business. Every time a visitor arrives on your website, we assign them a phone number from your pool. The visitor sees this phone number the entire time they’re on your website. Each phone number is assigned to one visitor at a time, which enables CallRail to link calls directly to individual visitors. When your business receives a call via a number in your pool, CallRail knows which visitor it was assigned to, and we can correlate that call to the source and keyword the caller used to find your business. When the visitor is finished browsing your website, we free up that phone number so it can be assigned to another visitor.
Keyword Call Tracking Step 1A visitor finds your website through an advertisement.
Keyword Call Tracking Step 2CallRail displays a unique tracking phone number during their visit.
Keyword Call Tracking Step 3CallRail reports when they call or text the tracking number.


How Do I Implement Keyword Call Tracking?Keyword call tracking is simple to implement: just add one snippet of JavaScript to your website and we do the rest. (If you’re already using our source-level dynamic number insertion on your website, it’s the same code; so you’re all set.)
Can I track both Organic and PPC calls?Yes, a single keyword tracking pool will allow you to track and differentiate calls from organic and paid sources.
Do I need a phone number for every keyword? I have thousands of keywords!Fortunately, you don’t need thousands of phone numbers for keyword-level call tracking. Because CallRail assigns phone numbers to active visitors, you need just one phone number per concurrent visitor (with a minimum of 8 numbers).
How do I know how many concurrent visitors I have?If you’re not sure how many concurrent visitors you have, you can estimate it in Google Analytics.
  • Go to Google Analytics
  • Filter down to the relevant segments
  • Chart your traffic hourly for the past two weeks.
  • Look at your peak hours and that will give you an idea of approximately how many numbers you need.
If your peak hour is 40 visitors, then a 10 number pool should be sufficient.