Google AdWords Call Tracking Integration

Report Calls as Conversions in AdWords


Google AdWords Integration

CallRail makes it possible to track calls as conversions in Google AdWords and measure the effectiveness of your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. If you’re using our keyword level call tracking feature, and you’ve set up Goals in Google Analytics, you can send phone calls back to Google AdWords as conversions through our Google AdWords call tracking integration. Our AdWords phone tracking integration also allows you to measure the ROI and effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaigns, capture phone leads generated by your campaign, and track Google AdWords source, campaign, ad group, and keywords. We offer two options for importing calls as conversions into Google AdWords — through our automatic integration via Google Analytics, as well as a manual import of conversions by uploading a spreadsheet into Google AdWords.


Capture Offline Conversion Leads and Call Details

Use Google AdWords call tracking and Google Analytics reporting to capture your lead information from phone calls referred by PPC campaigns. It’s easy to track online conversions associated with specific keywords and campaigns, but when someone decides to call you instead of completing an online form, you may be losing valuable lead intelligence. Google AdWords CallRail makes it possible to track those calls as conversions in Google AdWords. For WordPress users, our WordPress plugin makes it easy to insert a unique, “trackable” phone number into your content pages or posts that generate calls. Then, using our keyword level call tracking along with your Goals in Google Analytics, you can implement AdWords call tracking to capture lead data. You need both online and offline conversion tracking to effectively measure your campaign success and evaluate ROI. That means you need to integrate call tracking into your web analytics to have a complete understanding of cost per conversion and rate of conversion, regardless of whether the activity originated online or offline.


How Google AdWords Call Tracking Works

Call tracking is one part of a comprehensive marketing strategy that yields effective, real-time, and accurate information. You assign a unique phone number (toll-free or local) to each campaign you plan to track. When a visitor arrives on your site, the visitor’s source is determined and assigned to that unique number. That phone number is then dynamically added throughout the site and a cookie is placed in their browser. If the visitor returns later, they will continue to see that same number. When your visitor calls this phone number, the CallRail system captures and displays:
  • Call time
  • PPC Campaign
  • Caller ID information
  • Geographic location
  • Last page visited (available with keyword level call tracking)
  • Provided detailed call conversion tracking data on your selected AdWords campaign
Keyword Call Tracking Step 1
Keyword Call Tracking Step 2
Keyword Call Tracking Step 3

PPC Source Level Call Tracking

Use source level call tracking online with dynamic number insertion. Each tracking number can be assigned a source (such as Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, or any other website), and the correct tracking number will be displayed when a user reaches your website via one of those sources.

PPC Keyword Level Call Tracking

CallRail lets you discover which PPC search keywords are driving phone conversions by matching individual inbound telephone calls to the search keyword the caller used to find your website. Not only can you understand which marketing sources are driving calls, you can also drill down to the individual search keywords and link calls to specific web visitors.

Benefits of Google AdWords Phone Tracking

Using Google AdWords call tracking takes the mystery out of your offline leads: how are your keywords, ad groups, and campaigns performing? Learn more about your customer’s communication and you’ll be able to identify the elements that are working well and eliminate those that aren’t.
  • Track PPC at the source, campaign, ad group, and keywords.
  • Identify your most effective landing pages for generating phone call leads.
  • Use dynamic number insertion JavaScript.
  • Easily integrate call tracking into your website with our WordPress plugin for Google AdWords call tracking.
  • Send phone calls back to Google AdWords as conversions using our Google Analytics integration.
Analytics are just a fraction of the bigger picture. CallRail’s AdWords call tracking integration allows you to capture call conversions and gain a deeper understanding of campaign performance. Please call 888-907-4718 to get started or contact us for more details.