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The CallRail software is extremely easy to learn, understand, and implement. I was insanely surprised when we were able to get the script implemented and working in less than an hour. The amount of information we receive from the scripts in invaluable to optimizing our campaigns. Matt Lazas

CallRall is easy to set up and get going, and the integrations they offer are outstanding when compared to other tracking companies. The setup for dynamic tracking is super simple and very user friendly and the main dashboard is clean and straightforward. Bryan Feely

CallRail is simple to implement, has a well-designed dashboard, and offers useful integrations with other helpful services. Their customer service is top notch, and as company they seem to delight in developing their service into a bigger and better product. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t check out CallRail. Brad Brenner, Ph.D.

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Easy, Instant Setup

Start call tracking today with our free trial – no credit card needed. Port your existing phone numbers to CallRail, or set up new numbers instantly in our intuitive software, and start receiving phone calls immediately.

Campaign Attribution

Dynamic number insertion shows a unique phone number to each visitor so you know which campaign delivered the call. View a snapshot of your marketing channel’s performance.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Know which campaigns are driving calls by viewing our clear, intuitive, real-time analytics dashboard. You can also export custom reports and integrate using our built-in integrations and API.

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Quickly View Which Marketing is Driving Conversions

Our acquisition reports visually show you a quick screenshot of how your marketing is working. View which channels are driving the most leads, how many leads each channel drove, and even view information like what keyword drove the call.

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