Call Recording for Lead Qualification & Customer Retention

  • Record inbound and outbound calls.

  • Listen to calls for lead qualification.

  • Coach staff for improved customer service and client retention.

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We can prove and show the type of calls ads are driving, and they can hear the recordings of what offer the customer is calling about for context. James Lindsay

Call recording is so insightful when you actually get to hear what customers are saying, versus what our clients think their customers are saying. Bryce Liggins

Not only can we quantify leads and show clients how much their calls are costing, features like call recording allow us to listen to calls for lead qualification and coach our clients on how to convert those leads into customers. David Forster

Why You’ll Love CallRail Call Recording


Lead Qualification

Listen to your inbound and outbound phone calls. Qualify leads and focus your ad spend on what’s converting, streamlining your marketing and increasing your conversion rate.


Listen to recordings and know how your staff is handling phone calls. Provide your sales representatives with valuable feedback on how to properly handle leads. Improve overall customer service and client retention..

Powerful Reporting Tools

Know which campaigns are driving calls by viewing our clear, intuitive, real-time analytics dashboard. You can also export custom reports and integrate using our built-in integrations and API.

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Know Which Marketing is Driving Conversions

CallRail’s recording feature makes it easy to qualify leads, coach your staff, and improve customer service, resulting in more lead conversions & higher customer retention rates. Listen to recordings from the dashboard to improve tactics to drive the right conversations and close more deals, more efficiently.

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